Guided Experience

Branding + Product Design + App + Advertising + Art Direction

Guided Experience is a travel site and app that helps tourists get the most out of their stay on vacations or even in their hometowns. It provides a way for users to "guide" others through the best parts of their city whether that be the hottest nightclubs, the most beautiful art studios, or the more durable and extreme hiking trails.

Dave, the CEO & Founder of Guided Experience, came to me with an idea. An idea to sell travel experiences in a whole new light. He was in need of full branding, a distinct user-flow, and a full product design. I art directed the entire product including creating a brand image, a website with a co-responsive app, in-hotel marketing materials and more.

  • Guided Experience
  • eCommerce, Hospitality
  • Product Design, Creative Direction
  • 2019-2020

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"..Few people do [this] and dive in with excellence and passion...To top it off, she is wildly talented and has an innate ability to really look at the project from the user side. The designer empathy gives her the ability to create the best user experience for my (and your) project and it was beautifully designed to boot."

- Dave Pillow, Founder & CEO of Guided Experience

We started with a concept, and we left with a full product design. From branding to marketing, from web to app, we created userflows to ensure a thorough and complete user experience. Being able to push the boundaries, test my creative instinct, and being truly challenged is when the true magic happens for me.

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Last but not least, we created marketing materials to be featured in local hotels to get travelers excited about exploring their new city. We create a pitch deck to propose to city travel agencies with a digital presentation and various print materials as well.
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