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Responsive Web Design + Social Media + Packaging

Hartman Road is an eCommerce website that sells customizable and branded business to business gifts in bulk. Hartman specializes in employee gifts, corporate event giveaways and anniversary presents.

Hartman Road came to me, looking for consultation and a clearer UI direction. I was able to get to the root of the problem, revive some design thinking, re-wireframe and design a more responsive, and user-friendly experience. Next, I created a packaging design to promote their very own product, Made in Michigan boxes.

  • Hartman Road
  • eCommerce, Retail
  • Web Design, Social Media, Packaging
  • 2019

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Laying the Foundation to Hartman Road

  • About Project
  • Hartman Road sells a gift-giving experience. We needed a design that both highlights our premium vendors as well as expressing the brand tone of voice and the brand story. We started with the basic pages we were given and brought those pages to life. We created an e-commerce experience that was more intuitive and organized the product information in a way that was more digestible.
  • About My Role
  • I started off as a consultant, so when they asked for a visual representation of my thoughts, I presented a few quick and ideas. Then just like that, the Creative Direction role was mine. We started off with a site map, to establish order. Then we created some brand standards and tone of voice to create a hard-copy guideline. From there, we had a few rounds of wires of mapping each page out before we entered the true design phase.

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Hartman Road is all about enhancing the entire B2B sales process. Most bulk personalization business purchases are made by executives or their assistants. I proposed to campaign free shipping in exchange for a user’s email to build up their email blast list. We also made all the useful tools more visible by eliminating some of the large chunks of clumped information.

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"Jade was the best designer that I have come across by far. I would highly recommend her for anything related to design work. She is worth every penny. You won't regret working with Jade."

- Adam Chiotti, CEO of Hartman Road

From top to bottom, I was a dedicated resource to the Hartman brand for several months to help them get their brand off the ground, build all the necessary design pieces and to QA the developers as the site was being built.

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For the Made in Michigan boxes, the owner wanted to create a branded experience for local Michigan businesses, so they can showcase their goods - amongst others - in boxes prepared and personalized for B2B gift giving. I created a logo that was independent of the Hartman Road brand that would be featured, but still gives enough room where companies can add their own logos and then distribute.

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packaging image