Hello, I'm a Senior Product Designer & Freelance Creative Director from Marietta, Georgia.
& I actually really enjoy what I do.

  • Name:Jade Maddox Mack
  • Email:MXM Digital
  • Phone:+1 929-278-5233
I love designing outside of the box while crafting beautiful experiences. Whether I have to design myself in a box, or design my way out of it, the visuals are where the magic happens for me.

I can do clean minimal design, but big ideas are my specialty.

I am an idea-driven, focused, and award-winning designer and director who understands the meaning of user-centered experiences. I have worked with clients who require extreme detail like WCAG compliancy as well as clients who need broader-scoped ideas managed or reeled in. I always aim to engage your audience, and create wonderful digital things that people love to be part of and use over and over again.

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More Interesting Things
  • My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • I like Marvel movies and DC shows. Not the other way around
  • I love constantly outdoing myself, and sometimes other people
  • Bridesmaids, Ocean's Eleven and all the Fast & Furious movies are my go-tos (except the third F&F)
  • I've never met a mimosa I didn't like
  • I count calories, but sometimes they don't add up
  • I like to lift heavy things, and put them back down
What People Are Saying
"Jade was the best designer that I have come across by far. I would highly recommend her for anything related to design work. She is worth every penny. You won't regret working with Jade"
Adam Chiotti, CEO of Hartman Road

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Be a yardstick of quality...
Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.
Steve Jobs


The Art Institute of Atlanta Best in Show
& Academic Excellence


The ADDY Awards Non-Traditional Campaign, Silver


The Weather Channel, an IBM Business 'Hail Yes' Award


Intercontinental Hotels Group Ying & Yang' Award

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