Peachskin Sheets + Pirate Labs

Web Design  +   Email & Social Advertising

PeachSkinSheets provide high quality bedding items made of a SMART fabric that helps warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy. When I was first introduced to their brand, they needed an overhaul in their UI - each item in every color had its own individual page with no drop-downs, no organization, but great material.

Longstreet Solutions (Now Pirate Labs) and I teamed together to help enhance the overall user experience. Our challenge was to deliver a more modernized website that was more intuitive for the consumers. Once we successfully completed the project, the team also came back to me to help them with their email and social media presence by helping them create custom content.

  • Peachskin Sheets, PirateLabs Co.
  • Retail
  • Web, Social, & Email Design
  • 2017-2018

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As a separate ask, the team came to me to help produce a few social media ads to promote various sales, colors of the month, and events.
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