Turner Broadcasting

Social Media & Illustration

When I was first hired at Edelman, Turner was already a client of theirs but it seemed that we were put into a box of certain items that we were able to produce for them. As soon as I was put on the account, I decided to try something new with the little bit of stretch we were given. After pushing through the box we were put into, we were called into Turner's headquarters to talk to our stakeholder to have a working design session. Once we had proven our in-depth design thinking and skill sets at Turner, we given more shows to promote on the Turner account.

From The Last Ship, Falling Skys and Seinfeld spanning across TNT and TBS, our team at Edelman was able to increase social media interactions, and drive more users to follow along in real time with their favorite shows.

  • TNT, TBS, Edelman
  • Televsion
  • Social Media
  • 2015

"While working with Jade on creating custom content for Turner Broadcasting, Jade took the lead and set the standard look and feel for many of the shows. For example, while working on producing graphics for TNT series like The Last Ship and Falling Skies, Jade’s designs set the standard for the rest of team. The clients loved her graphics so much, the other designers ended up following her lead.".

- Georgios Saliaris, Sr. Art Director

Shifting from TNT action based shows, I was able to exercise on my illustration skills with some of the best designers and copywriters I have come across thusfar. Some of the best days I had at Edelman was when I was coming into work and watching Seinfeld for context of my next custom content piece.

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