Clinical Decision Tracker

Branding + Product Design + App + Advertising + Art Direction

The Clinical Decision Tracker app is your fully-featured assistant in managing your daily activities and billable time that generates a clean and efficient billing report. A new board requirement demanding that certain doctors track and bill their times to a new generation of codes created a gap in the community of how doctors were managing and billing their time to the new appropriate fields. To maximize revenue for psychologists, CDT eliminates all guesswork to save time and increase billing accuracy.

As the lead designer and art director, we were able to redesign the app and create new screens for the users. We created a landing page, promotional marketing materials and a video to promote their opening launch at the Annual APA (American Psychologists Association) Convention.

  • Dr. Neil Pliskin
  • Medical
  • Product Design, Creative Direction
  • 2019

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"Jade was an excellent freelancer, and would definitely recommend working with her. She is professional and easy to work with, creates high-quality deliverables, and is flexible in that she truly prioritizes the needs of the customer.."

- Lauren Pliskin, Project Manager for CDT

After redesigning the app, the board of CDT doctors wanted to get some marketing materials to display and distribute for the upcoming 2019 APA Conference. Given their brand would be faced with thousands of fellow medical professionals, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase what the app could do and all of its benefits. We created a promotional video to run on screen, a three-part banner display, marketing flyers, a brochure and cards for the majority of the members at the conference.

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Finally, I produced the copy for the app store and provided screen previews for the app store to help truly bring the experience together.
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