Honeywell Intelligrated

Responsive SAAS Software

The Honeywell Intelligrated design team specializes in creating productive and efficient software solutions for warehouses and distribution centers among industry leaders. As eCommerce is expected to double within the next 3-5 years, DC commissioners and managers need "new and innovative ways to maintain peak productivity levels while protecting the safety and well-being of their workforce." With the enhanced ability to be able to monitor every aspect of your facility, workforce, and assets in real-time, everything runs better.

Within our design team, as an Advanced UX/UI Designer, I lead efforts for our warehouse automation Artificial Intelligence product, Goods-to-Person (GTP) touch screen devices, as well as assisting with multiple products stemming from our Warehouse Execution System software from our Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) to experimenting with a new masonry-style themed experience.

  • Target, Home Depot, Big Lots, & more
  • Distribution Centers
  • UX/UI Design & Art Direction
  • 2020-2021

The UX Process
Backlog Grooming

We start each sprint by reviewing the backlog, seeing if our upcoming projected stories have all the details and information they need to move forward. If they do not have what we need, we take note that a kickoff discovery needs to be in place.

Design Brief & Kickoff

Sometimes we get design briefs, and when we do, we go over them with the stakeholders to ensure that both the business goals and user expectations are being met. If there is no design brief, we help the product owners create one.

Information Architecture & User Flow Mapping

Here is where we map out the details of each page to ensure that the user is led where they are intended to go, can perform the tasks they'd like to perform, and that there are no dead ends.

Design Systetm Analysis & Wireframing

This phase is where we study and analyze existing patterns, and try to leverage any items that can be reused from our design system before attempting something new.

Design & Prototyping

This is where the magic happens. Here we apply the brand guidelines of our design system to bring our products to life though our designs and prototype links that we share with stakeholders to review.

Usability Testing

Once approved, we prepare and flush out the prototype for our UX Researcher to perform the required usability tests that he or she records for us to see and validate if our designs have hit the mark.

Intelligent Decisions for Automation

In our propriatary warehouse automation solution, we provide options by system, by function, and by technology type.

My Projects
  • Active or Inactive: enabling users to decide when to turn on our AI to support their distribution center, and the parameters of how and when to use this functionality, giving users the ability to set up smarter data based decisions based on how their warehouse has performed previously. Detailed information on this software is propriatary and can be elaborated on at request.
Packed Full of Efficiency

In our warehouses, the staff that ensures the quality and packing of consumer packages require a system that reduces human error, keep users alert, and ensuring these workers have everything they need to deliver.

My Projects
  • Inventory Transfers: making a new system functionality to be able to work from damaged packages and move them into customer-approved packaging without having to interrupt their scanning process if there are issues with a package.
  • Enabling Scan Modes: helping users of all levels, novice intermediate and expert navigate the software most effectively with tool tips, visual indicators and sounds to combat a dark and nosiy warehouse.
End to End Solutions for Your DC

Within this software solution, we create products that optimize operations with advanced fulfillment capabilities that improve the warehouse in a number of ways. We help manage the capacity and productivity in this space.

My Projects
  • Rules Management: creating a way to set up parameters within the warehouse to regulate, automate and schedule Cycle Counts, Warehouse Inventory Allocation, Warehouse Putaway, and Auditing capabilities.
  • Reporting Center: designing the data visualization and the foundation of report customization within own reporting center UI, in a free and premium level, to reduce the frusteration of clients who use other softwares for reporting.
  • Carts: allowing users to be able to scan, track, and view tasks assigned so certain carts within a warehouse based on their Cart ID, in the same way that people can currently research containers.
  • AS/RS Map Updates: finding a way to show users how to interact with elements on the AS/RS map to view pending tasks by aisle, as well as making a clear visual indication when user intervention is required to resolve a fault within the aisles.
“Working with Jade was a pleasure. She quickly adapted to the standard designs and handled complex requirements. She made sure to provide design options but was decisive on the final solution. She proactively would take on initiatives to learn and support the team. She was always dependable and was always committed to her work.”

-Kelli Spinks, Sr. Advanced UX Researcher

At the end of my time at Honeywell, I was responsible for creating the design direction of how our new Figma design system should be documented and set up. I was able to present this to leadership and get some great feedback on my efforts.