The Weather Company + IBM

Advertising Design  +   OOH Advertising

In 2016, IBM purchased the Weather Company and it now acts as a subsidiary of Watson & Cloud Platform by utilizing and selling weather data to companies to create real time advertising. As a digital designer, I led efforts in designing multiple mobile and web branded backgrounds for as well as a few alternate off brand-site and out-of-home advertising experiences. In particular, the Flonase and Theraflu clients comprised a multi-million dollar campaign on spring allergies across the site, in which, I was the lead designer.

  • Flonase, Dodge, Applebees, & more
  • Information Technology
  • Advertising Design
  • 2018
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Placed Advertisements
Placed Advertisements
Placed Advertisements
"Jade always provides an amazing amount of hard work and enthusiasm. Most recently she was able to turn around some [advertisements] rather quickly for a Dodge campaign we're running, and the agency team had no revisions necessary (which is rare)!"

- IBM Sales Team

The Dodge Charger and Challenger "Explore More" campaign started with a trial run that surpassed our clients expectations. After a successful run, Dodge wanted to do a full campaign with the Creative Lab that showcased these cars in different weather conditions. I was the lead designer on this campaign and won a "Hail Yes" award, which led to me being recognized by the entire company.

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IBM Watson Ads are an innovative tool to allow users to interact - ask questions or give input - with advertisements and get real-time answers without being redirected, while driving user engagements. I worked on a number of projects with Watson Ads from American Airlines to Walgreens.
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TWC + IBM created a product in the form of static, weather, video, or locator ads with their weather data (called SWVL). This form of advertising would be standard size but could take on any design or function necessary for the brand it served.