Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Hotel Details Re-Design

Mr & Mrs Smith is a carefully curated collection of the world’s most seductive hotels, each personally visited by a globetrotting team of travel specialists and reviewed anonymously by tastemakers you can trust.

In IHG, when a hotel is acquired, it now has to have an IHG native site that is adjusted to fit our brand guidelines and needs.

The luxury team outsourced the work, then came back to present to our team, but the work was below par. I was able to help redefine the Mr. & Mrs. Smith acquisition design and provide a luxury product that our stakeholders loved.

I worked with an Creative Director and a UX Architect, but I led the UI direction, the design reviews and the design process. Together, we were able to create an accessible and mobile responsive website that exudes luxury and style, while working with the frameworks and components already built in our Component Foundry.

  • ClientMr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels
  • IndustryLuxury Hotels
  • ServicesDesign, Art Direction
The original design we received from the agency was used as bare bones to inform the new design based on the feedback they received.

In which the stakeholders felt it looked like a blog, the business did not like that the components were not feasible to re-create within three weeks, so we needed to re-use some of the components we had in foundry, the UX Studio didn’t like that there were multiple items were not WCAG accessible like auto rotating sliders with no indicators and more.

"She's very quick on her feet, super creative, and she's great at taking in requirements and stakeholder feedback to make something great. Jade is also a really organized and efficient, and she's excellent at time management and prioritizing her tasks."

Kaela Burns, UX Architect for MMS Launch
COVID-19 Pushed Our Launch But Did Not Deter Our Goal

A Delayed Vacation

Mr. & Mrs. Smith launched November 2020 due to COVID-19. So while this all began in February 2020, and we had a tight deadline of only three weeks is because we were set to launch in March. I am happy to say that we delivered on time, worked in an agile process with our developers, I was able to Q.A. the majority of the project and I am excited to see how the final project turned out.

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