Hotel Details Re-Design + Ambassador Updates.

At InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts we believe international travel should always be alluring. We are dedicated to those who appreciate and enjoy The InterContinental Life – the glamour and exhilaration of fascinating places, mixed with our international know-how and local cultural wisdom.

My role while interacting with this brand was to ensure that the tone of voice was thoroughly carried out with the pages I touched, as well as enhancing the overall user experience.

  • ClientIntercontintental Hotel Owners, IHG Luxury Team
  • IndustryLuxury Hotels
  • ServicesDesign, Art Direction
Intercontinental Hotel Details Redesign

  • About Project
  • This was one of the larger testing and optimization strategy projects that we were able to produce. Half of the website owners create alternate websites apart from IHG because of the limited ability of their current hotel details. Our main objectives were to move the name of the hotel above the fold, fix the disappearing navigation, and pull out some of the details that customers were missing because things were hidden in drawers, accordions or long scrolls.

    One of the greater issues that IHG faces is that their Hotel Details websites do not eloquently display all the attributes the hotel owners want to showcase, so this was also an effort to get owners to utilize our internal pages
  • About My Role
  • I worked closely with two UX Architects who held strategy sessions, card sorts for information architecture, and gathered all of the existing data to propose better solutions. However, because this was an optimization test we were limited to the amount of changes we could implement to create a clean test, plus we needed to eliminate any heavy development work for our short turn around time. We not only fixed all of the errors and pulled out the information, but we did so in a way that did not disrupt the current functionality of the site.

The Method Behind the Madness
Sometimes you just need to block off a room, close the door and throw things up on a white board.

We held a few strategy sessions to go over all of the information architecture on the page, go through a card sort, and sketch out our ideas for the wires and implementation.

Updating Components

Benefits for Everyone

After art directing the new ambassador component for the Intercontinental brand site, and working side by side with the luxury team, we were able to launch and deliver exactly what the luxury team was looking for.

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